THE FUNNEL: Tim’s Philosophy

Narrow Focus Broad Results: All audio brands need a clearly defined target audience. In radio we get very specific and create an individual profile. It includes the listeners name, age, career, family status, interests and other important characteristics. We then build out all of our content, promotion and marketing plans with that target at the core. The goal is to build a mass appeal brand but without a narrow starting point, that becomes difficult. When you try to be all things to all people, you become nothing to anybody.


Even the biggest and most successful brands need marketing. Using a targeted approach with a proprietary system, Tim can build a plan to reach your intended audience with precision regardless of your budget. Ask for a webinar to show you how you can grow your performance.

“I was impressed that there was a secret sauce being developed in Phoenix that many audio groups and researchers would be VERY interested in.”

Jim Tarantine – Futuri Media (Formerly CBS Radio’s embedded Nielsen Account Representative)

CREATING BIG EVENTS & how it plays a role in the bigger picture…

Listener Experiences. Connecting with Your Audience. New Listener Recruitment.

If you are not sure how BIG events can help grow your ratings & revenue or even if you just what guidance on how to implement an impactful event idea, contact Tim today for help!

Programming Consulting

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