Expert Radio Coaching

With 20+ years of programming and developing talent. Tim knows that the thing that will bring listeners back to a radio brand is the personalities. Unique and compelling content is essential to radio’s survival. For music stations, this is the only differentiator.

“Your ability to grow is directly correlated with your desire to receive constructive feedback”

– Tim Richards

Why Your Radio Show Needs a Talent Coach?

The world’s highest performing talent work with coaches to help motivate them to achieve a higher level. Radio is a constantly evolving medium. Your audience has more choices than ever before. Their attention span is constantly being hijacked. Tim can help you put “first things first” and develop a plan that will help you grow listener engagement.

Personality Coaching

Even the best athletes, musicians and actors need coaching. It’s how we improve. The key is learning to embrace the process to accelerate the growth curve. The more comfortable we are with coaching, the faster we improve.

Tim has worked with some of the most talented personalities in the media industry. His successes include hiring Mojo in the Morning in Detroit in 2000 where it still drives rating and revenue success today. He helped Johnjay and Rich grow their brand from Tucson to become a nationally syndicated show that has thrived for years. Most recently, Tim developed The Morning Mess on LIVE 101.5 in Phoenix and helped the show with its launch plan into the Los Angeles market.

Tim believes there are 6 qualities that separate high-performing talent:


Your ability to get what you want is driven by your desire. Drive, will and grit is what separates the average from the exceptional.


Effort is where the rubber meets the road. Only a relentless commitment to the mission will yield the highest results.


You need a strategy & a plan to get you to your goal. The highest performers are obsessed with planning.


Your environment is constantly changing. Do you have the flexibility to adapt?


The best teams are focused on the “WE” more than the “ME”.


How do you react when there are challenges? Life is full of challenges and setbacks. How you rebound is directly correlated

with your success.

Executive / Life Coaching

Tim has trained as a life coach and has provided his services for years. His goal is to be a resource for his clients to help them unlock their greatest potential as professionals and as people.



Interested in connecting on how we can help recruit or grow your existing talent? Or maybe you are interested in Personality Coaching or Life Coaching. Contact us today!
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